Aug 24, 2020 – After years of debating the pros and cons of having a dog, I finally decided to get a golden doodle puppy. The puppy has kept everyone extremely busy and reduced the amount of time in the studio. Once trained, it will be great to have “Newton” as a studio companion.

The last five months of COVID have been very challenging on several fronts. COVID itself has proved a significant distraction. The stress of not knowing what is going to happen next etc. Getting art supplies has been difficult, with several vendors being out of necessary items like stretchers and certain paints. Finally, delivery times have ranged from a few weeks to a few months, making ordering supplies for projects very unpredictable.

Pre-COVID was very promising, with several potential customers looking for large-scale abstracts. At the moment, I am waiting to hear back from these developers and interior designers to see whether my suggestions will be moving forward. Given COVID delays and summer holidays, I don’t expect any answers until the fall.

Next time, Cheers.

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